"The power of web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect" ~ Tim Berners Lee

Hey there, fellow a11y enthusiast !!! I am Tanisha Sabherwal. It is great to have you onboard in this journey. If you're not sure, what is a11y, go check it out here. I hope you're also trying to make web a better place for all by making it super accessible. Here is my little effort to do the same.

Accessibility is an often ignored topic when it comes to development. We fail to realize its impact and how great an affect it causes to any business out there. It is not just limited to people with physical disabilities rather it also incorporates situational impairment. Hence, it is extremely essential for us to develop things that can seamlessly interact with all our users. Remember, the web itself is accessible, it is our way of doing certain things that breaks this accessibility.

The next time you think of writing a cleaner code, make it sure to think of writing an "accessible" code as well.